Liturgical Dance – Sister Frances Womack

    We endeavor to use the movement of our limbs to the glory of the Lord through the Liturgical Dance Ministry to fulfill our call to serve the body of Christ.

Adult/ Youth Mime – Sister Anna Towe

    The mission of the Mime Ministry is to make the message of Jesus Christ clear and understandable to congregants by allowing our body movement/language to become words.

Music – Deacon Clinton Harris, Jr. 

    The Mission of the Music Ministry is to joyfully give God glorious praise through song by rendering sacred music that inspires worshippers to draw closer to God, that encourages worshippers to actively praise and worship God, that prepares each heart to receive the preached Word of God, and that reminds worshippers of the goodness of God.

Worship Leaders – Sister Mi-Reta Oburota

    To encourage all people to engage in worship by leading God’s people into His presence in the midst of a fractured, fast-paced, consumer driven society.