On January 21, 1959, members of Congress Heights Baptist Church (CHBC), of the Southern Baptist Convention and D.C. Baptist Convention, purchased land from Silesia, Maryland as a mission. This purchase included a 1901 one-room schoolhouse that held the first Sunday School and morning worship services on April 12, 1959.


Rev. John Coburn, George Parker and Rev. Fred McCaulley served successive pastorates. Under Rev. McCaulley’s leadership of 2 and one-half years, additional land was purchased, a temporary building was erected, and plans for a new building were secured. Upon Rev. McCaulley’s resignation in July 1963, Rev. George Kimball served as Interim Pastor.


In October 1964, Rev. Woodrow Neal began serving what would be the Mission’s last pastorate position. In July 1965, the Mission was reorganized into a Southern Baptist Church. On October 3, 1965, the mission was constituted into Fort Washington Baptist Church (FWBC) with 39 members.


December 10, 1967 marked the first Sunday of worship in a newly constructed building. The Church Sanctuary was dedicated on February 4, 1968. Rev. Neal resigned July 1973. Dr. Minor Davidson served as Interim Pastor until Dr. Robert Willets was called to serve in January 1974.


On November 21, 1982, the congregation “burned the mortgage.” Dr. Willets resigned April 1985. From October 1985 until May 1988, Dr. K. Bruce Millers served as Interim Pastor. Rev. Jack Marcom Jr. began his Pastorate in June 1988. Pastor Marcom resigned in October 2000. In July 2001, Rev. Dr. Linda Delaine was called to serve as Interim Pastor. She resigned as Interim on October 27, 2002.


On August 5, 2002, the congregation called Rev. Darin Vincent Poullard to be the new Pastor and on October 27, 2002 he began his Pastorate at Fort Washington Baptist Church. From its inception as a Mission, Fort Washington Baptist Church has carried its missionary cross by supporting the missions of the Southern Baptist Convention and D.C. Baptist Convention.