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Family Life

Comforting Hands – Evangelist Rita Ware

    Our mission is to provide comfort, care, and compassionate concern through visitation, phone calls, Christian support, counseling, correspondence, prayer, and the Scriptures

Funeral Coordination – Sister Bonita Arrington

    Our mission is to provide funeral support, a Christian service and fellowship during member’s time of need.

Married Couples (MCM) – Reverend Rudolph Waddy

    Our mission is to equip and strengthen marriages by helping couples discover God’s plan for their marriage as well as their unique roles as husband and wife through the study of His Word.

Men’s – Brother Novil Fullen

    Our mission is to offer men an opportunity to fellowship, learn the word of God, and to experience the joy of Christian Brotherhood.

Wedding Coordination – Sister Jacqueline Harris

    Our mission is provide assistance to individuals desiring to use the sanctuary and facilities of Fort Washington Baptist Church (FWBC) for their marriage ceremony.

Women’s – Sister Cecilia McMillian

    Our mission is to provide a fellowship where women will learn the word of God and experience the joy of Christian Sisterhood through prayer and services to honor God.

Young Adults – Brother DeWayne Perry

    Our mission is to mitigate the challenges of living single by providing a venue for singles and young adults to share blessings and challenges among their peers, and encourage the application of biblical principles to their lives.