Church Clerk – Sister Deborah Thomas

    Our mission is to attend, or be represented at all Church business meetings. Start a database to keep accurate records of all church members, business and report to the Church Association annually.

Count – Vacant

    Our mission is to serve as trustees over the tithes and offerings received by the church and to appropriately deposit these funds to the church’s designated bank account(s).

Finance & Budget – Deacon Toussaint Hutchinson (Acting)

    Our mission is to prepare and submit to the church for a approval an inclusive budget, indicating by type of expenditure the amount needed and sought for all local expenses and purposes, and in like manner, all denominational or other non-local causes prior to the beginning of each calendar year.

Flowers & Remembrance – Sister Elisa Cruz

    Our mission is to provide flower arrangements for all worship services and special events as required and to provide appropriate expressions to members and immediate family during periods of personal need.

Historian – Sister Jo Ann Edelin

    Our mission is to provide the church body with information about its past and record significant information about on-going activities/events as they relate to the mission of the church.

Hospitality – Sister Juanita Timmons

    Our mission is to welcome and serve members of the Church as well as our visitors and guests at all church events. These include after service fellowships, repasts, church.

Multi-Media – Deacon Toussaint Hutchinson (Interim)

    Our mission is to deliver quality audio/visual services and products through the use of available technologies to meet the needs of the Church and its ministries.

Nominating – Vacant

    Our mission is to discover, interview, enlist, and prepare for election by the church such persons as are suitable to fill those positions to which the church gives the committee responsibility for nomination.

Personnel – Sister Karen Roberts

    Our mission is to develop policies regarding the employment of ordained and non-ordained personnel of FWBC.

Properties – Deacon Sam Evans

    Our mission is to maintain the Church Facility and to initiate and follow through on identified improvements.

Public Relations – Vacant

    Our mission is to ensure the FWBC congregants have access and platforms necessary to obtain, express, clarify, disseminate, promote or refute information regarding our wellbeing and general welfare.

Security – Brother Raymond Miller

    Our mission is to be a visible and constant presence in and around the FWBC property and among the congregation during services and scheduled activities, providing a safe and secure haven for worship.

Ushers – Sister Ruby Alston-Kelley

    Our mission is to greet and meet each member and visitor with a hearty welcome.

Website – Evangelist Rita Ware (Interim)

    Our mission is to provide sound, accurate, and reliable information to our members and visitors. To impart information that uplifts, encourages, informs, and ultimately invite those visiting our Internet presence to personally come to our church and worship our Heavenly Father with us.